Pninim Seminary

What is P’ninim?

We are proud to introduce you to P’ninim Seminary, our outstanding program for the Beis Yaacov student. P’ninim, entering its sixth year, b”eh, offers a stimulating program of learning, focusing on Hashkafa and Machshavah, and caters to the frum, motivated Bais Yaacov girl.

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How is P’ninim different from other Seminaries?
Recognizing that many students are looking forward to a year of growth and learning in Eretz Yisrael, but not every student wishes to become a teacher, or to spend a year of intense textual learning, P’ninim has designed a curriculum stressing ideals in Hashkafa, Halacha, and Yahadus.

In place of the standard Teacher Training, P’ninim focuses on “Person Training”and emphasizes each student’s individual growth and personal progress. Our goal is to produce Neshei Chayil, who appreciate their Yiddishkeit, understand it, and are ready to pass it on to the next generation.

P’ninim classes focus on the depth of meaning of familiar elements in Yiddishkeit, by exposing our students to Seforim that they have perhaps only touched upon in high school. The curriculum, together with the truly incredible staff of teachers and Rabbonim, and the Avira of Eretz Yisrael, combine to inspire our students and make them appreciate anew that which they have always learned from their parents and teachers.

Of course, man does not live by Hashkafa alone, and our curriculum includes regular classes in Sifrei Tanach to provide the intellectual Seminary challenge, while at the same time internally inspiring our students.

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Where are your students from?
Our student body is comprised of Bais Yaakov graduates from Eretz Yisrael and all over the world. It includes students from U.S., Holland, Canada, Belgium, Germany, England, Australia, Switzerland and South Africa.
The spirit of this unique combination is most heartwarming and friendly. Local students invite the “chutznikim” over, and even host Shabbosos for the entire school. The wonderful Achdus displayed by our diverse student body has helped us in creating an enthusiastic, high-spirited atmosphere that is conducive to learning and achievement in all areas.

Are there any useful spare-time activities?
While growth in Torah and Yiddishkeit is the seminary year’s primary goal, we feel it important to utilize some otherwise free time in a worthwhile manner. We therefore offer a professional-level salon training course two evenings a week. This course is included in tuition, and aside from basic supplies, will cost nothing extra, yet will provide a highly useful skill, one that will allow a girl a future parnossa in this field.

The course offers in-depth training in the following areas:

Hair and wig styling; cutting and thinning; hair and wig blow drying as well as other styling and setting techniques; hair and wig perming; dying and highlighting.

This course also provides a knowledge base for students wishing to pursue advanced levels of expertise and/or specialization.

Are there trips? Tours of Eretz Yisrael?

The P’ninim program offers a full spectrum of extracurricular events featuring trips, Shabbatonim, and student functions.

This includes:
- Guided tours and overnight trips, both around Yerushalayim (Kosel tunnels, Shaarei Chesed, South Wall Excavations) and across Eretz Yisrael: Har Chermon, two-day tour of the Negev, Ein Gedi; Bnei Brak; two-day tour of the North, Chof Ashkelon, supervised jeeping in the Judean hills, and much more...);

- Scheduled Shabbatonim in chosen locations across the country. Previous locations have included Tzefat, Yerushalayim Old City, Tifrach, Rechasim and more. The varied settings allow our students
to see the diverse lifestyles of various sectors of Acheinu Beis Yisrael. Several staff members and their families always accompany these student Shabbatonim.

- Shabbosos Chovah - periodic “in Shabbosos” hosted in our dormitory, always graced by staff members and their families, and enhanced by a special program. This allows our students to enjoy time together in a relaxing, camaraderie-filledatmosphere.

- Special events in honor of each Chag in the year cycle... Chagigos, Simchas Botei HaShoevah, Lag Ba’omer trips, Seudos Rosh Chodesh, Seudos Melaveh Malka, barbeques and more.

Where is Pninim located?
Pninim will be located in the Kiryat Moshe section of Yerushalayim, in a beautiful renovated building. A 15 minute walk from Bayit Vegan, and 5 minutes from Har Nof, its location is central to many frum neighborhoods.

If you are a mature Bais Yaacov student who feels that P’ninim may meet her goals, then we invite you to join our P’ninim program for a year of growth and inspiration. For more information about any aspect of our program, please feel welcome to call us in our U.S. office or in Israel.

Tel: 02- 653-6255

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